Congestion Charge contact number – 0843 504 8093

The Congestion Charge is a minor fee payable to those driving in to high congestion zones within London. It was implemented to not only reduce congestion, but to also raise funding for transport. The scheme was brought in back in 2003 and in it’s first decade has generated £2.6 billion in revenue, which has gone towards public transport and walking and cycling schemes, as well as road and bridge development. The Congestion Charge is easiest payable online for the day, and the driver is open to a fine if they don’t pay the charge before entering the zones. The fee is known as a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN), if you disagree with the PCN you are able to challenge it. For more information on how to pay and how much the fine could cost you, visit the website at or call the Congestion charge contact number on 0843 504 8093

Calling the Congestion Charge contact number

Particular vehicles can be exempt if they are registered to the DVLA. These include 2-wheeled vehicles such as mopeds or motorcycles with sidecars. Other exemptions include vehicles that hold disabled badges or emergency services vehicles such as fire engines or ambulances. This information can be found on your vehicles log book, however, if you require additional information you can also contact the Congestion Charge contact number.

Paying via the Congestion Charge customer service number

You may be entitled to a discount. For example, if you live within a charging zone you may be entitled to a 90% discount, to find out you would have to register by visiting the website mentioned above. You are eligible for a 100% discount if driving a vehicle with the capacity of 9 or more seats. For further discounts that you may be entitled to, you can visit the website, or call 0843 504 8093.

Getting information from the Congestion Charge phone number

You are liable to pay the Congestion Charge Monday – Friday, however weekends and public holidays, including the days between Christmas day and New Years Day are free. The charge is not in place 24 hours during the week. The hours between 18:00 and 07:00 are also free.

Other reasons why people call the Congestion Charge contact number

If you’re heading towards London via car and you’re not sure if you need to pay the fee, the easiest way would be to locate the Zone Map on the website. Alternatively, call the Congestion charge contact number on 0843 504 8093 and the operator would be happy to assist you.