GAME contact number – 0843 504 8240

While their position in the market in nowhere near as prominent as it once was, the GAME contact number is still one of the most searched for and most called of any of the stores on the British high street. This is partly due to the fact that they have a large, loyal customer base who value the company’s commitment to making video games available in towns and cities across the UK. As the GAME contact numberlikes of Gamestation have fallen by the wayside due to pressure from internet traders (who are often able to offer much better rates thanks to off-shore trading and reduced overheads), GAME have remained a staple of many gamers lives. A lot of this loyalty has been won by their top quality customer service that they offer both in store and through their central phone number.

Of course, with hundreds of shops across the UK, the primary way that people deal with matters they have with the company is through going to their local branch. However, many people have argued that their central helpline is much more able to offer resolutions to problems that their in store workers may be unwilling or unable to achieve. The normal thinking is that the employees who work for their local branches have a lot more to think about other than consumer support – with shelf stacking of the latest XBOX, Playstation and Nintendo games being their priority, in order to keep sales ticking over. However, the GAME phone number team are dedicated to offering the best in support in order to make sure that consumers are happy with the business and keep coming back to purchase and trade-in video games and consoles.

Calling the GAME contact number

As well as their physical stores, GAME have managed to successfully branch out into being a successful online store. This is something that many of their competitors from a few decades ago – such as Electronics Boutique, the aforementioned Gamestation and HMV – were unable to do with any degree of competency. Though they still massively lag behind the likes of Amazon in terms of the prices that they can offer, the fact that GAME have a dedicated contact number which is manned by agents who are based in UK call centres is still a huge selling point for many – meaning that GAME phone numberthey can be sure of getting the assistance and help that they need any time they make an order with the company.

Naturally, having such a strong web presence means that the company do also offer some of their consumer support via their site. However, this is largely related to orders made online, and is unable to provide much aid for people who have purchased from one of their high street branches apart from offering some pointers by way of FAQs and guides.

As with most retailers, the kind of calls that the GAME phone number receive are easy to guess at. Refunds and returns are likely to be a primary reason why people ring their helpline, as well as people asking for information about the release dates of forthcoming games and updates on the delivery of their orders. They are also able to manage any complaints, as well as giving information on opening times of local branches and estimated prices for people looking to trade in games. All this and more are the reasons why the GAME contact number is such a valued resource by customers who purchase their video gaming equipment through the company.