Ikea contact number – 0843 504 7718

As one of the largest furniture and homeware suppliers in the UK – and, indeed, around the world – it can be of little surprise that the Ikea contact number is one of the most searched for of any in the country. The company has long been one of the biggest businesses in furnishings, and they appear to be still growing – something which has corresponded with a rise in the amount of people looking to call their dedicated customer service helpline. Thankfully, given how pleasant the rest of the shopping experience with the company normally is, their call centres are more than able to Ikea contact numberdeal with the thousands of people who dial them to speak about one issue or another every day.

Over the years, Ikea have managed to earn such a prominent place in the industry by being able to offer high quality furniture at prices that are normally massively reduced compared to their competitors. One of the running features of their brands has been the insistence on providing their furnishing in flat-pack form – saving the company on storage space and shipping costs, with those savings then passed on to customers. Add to this the fact that all of their stores are located in enormous, purpose-built warehouse-style spaces in out-of-town locations (meaning that they can save on rent compared to stores on the high street) and the company have a huge competitive advantage on the likes of Laura Ashley and British Home Stores.

Ikea also has a unique place in the market. As well as selling soft furnishings, bedding and curtains, they also have candles, crockery and lighting in their stores – all of which is Ikea branded, and unavailable anywhere else. They also provide creches and low-cost cafes that have earned a cult following due to the meal deals that start at around £2. All of this has led to a huge, loyal customer base, most of whom at some point will need to call the Ikea phone number for one reason or another.

Why do people call the Ikea contact number?

With a business of their size, it is difficult to pinpoint exactly the reasons why anyone would call the Ikea customer service number. The company themselves are unlikely to ever release statistics to this effect, but it is relatively easy to get a good grasp of it via social media. As Ikea stores are based out of town, many of the things that other businesses would deal with by in-shop help desks Ikea phone numberseem to be directed to their call centres instead. People are naturally unwilling to drive for long distances in order to ask a relatively straightforward query – which leaves the Ikea contact number answering a whole host of different questions.

Despite the difference in their business model to their competitors, their helpline largely deals with the same matters. These are straightforward matters such as refunds and returns, problems with products (as as damaged goods) and complaints. Their staff have all been expertly trained in how to best deal with these matters, and should be able to quickly and easily deal with any matter. Whether this involves escalating a problem to a more senior member of staff (as is often the case with complaints) or asking the team to go in store in order to resolve an issue, the Ikea phone number team are more than capable of managing things.

Of course, given the nature of their business, the team also deal with matters related to local Ikea stores. many people seem to dial the Ikea telephone number in order to ask about opening times, bank holiday trading hours and other matters that relate only to the store that is closest to them. While this can also be checked on the company website, the Ikea contact number team should be able to answer these enquiries – or, if they are unable to, they should be able to pass you on to a member of the customer service team for that store directly.