Insure The Box contact number – 0843 504 8097

Use the Insure The Box contact number and take full advantage of cheap car insurance with extra benefits. Insure The Box car insurance company is a usage based vehicle insurer. Also known as ‘pay as you drive’ (PAYD), the system rewards safe drivers based on location, annual mileage, and the type of vehicle driven amongst other factors.

Most cheap car insurance companies will give a quote based on a persons no claim discount. With Insure The Box, the quote is based on the individual driving capabilities and driving habits of the person. This way, the safe driver does not have their insurance premiums raised due to incompetent drivers.

Why call Insure the Box customer services?

Insure The Box uses telematics technology to assist in lowering insurance quotes. This is the long distance transmission of computerized information. A simple, unobtrusive black box is fitted to the insured vehicle. The black box will record speed, mileage, and braking patterns as well as location 24 hours a day.

ITB insurance can track any vehicle if it has been stolen. A quick call to Insure the Box telephone number and stolen or lost vehicle’s can easily be tracked. If the motor vehicle has been involved in a serious accident, Accident Alert may be activated. Accident Alert is a signal sent from the black box indicating a serious jolt to the vehicle. Emergency services can be alerted as well as a phone call to the owner to ensure their condition.

Calling the Insure the Box contact number

The Insure the Box contact number is useful for new drivers whom wish to receive discounted motor insurance. New driver insurance quotes are usually quite expensive. By using telematics technology, new drivers can achieve cheap car insurance after a very short time. Once the black box has been fitted, all the relative information regarding driving safety, number of journeys, and the time of each trip is collected. It is this information which allows a personalised free auto insurance quote.

The best insurance for low mileage drivers or a young persons car insurance is with the use of the in-tele-box. This is the black box and is only slightly larger than a mobile phone. Once fitted, the driver will be given an online dashboard, called a portal. The portal allows individuals to see how safely they have been driving, their monthly mileage, and download documents.

By calling the Insure The Box contact number, potential clients have the ability to save every year on car insurance premiums. The 24 hour, 365 days a year emergency call centre is there to assist for any eventuality. Call the Insure The Box telephone number now to begin saving on car insurance.