Selfridges contact number – 0843 504 8215

Although far from the main way of getting in touch with their customer service team, the Selfridges contact number is still one of the primary ways through which people enquire about the company. Of course, with department stores across the country, people generally just go into their local branch when they have an issue that needs resolving. However, as is usually the case with
Selfridges contact numberany big businesses, their helpline staff often have more far-reaching powers than their help-desk equivalents – which is one of the primary reasons why people need to call the Selfridges phone number.

As a brand, Selfridges has changed enormously over the years. However, their business model has largely stayed the same. offering small concessions in their department stores to individual brands, they act as a central clothing, fashion and make-up hub. This has seen some competition in recent times from the internet as a whole – with fashion retailers such as ASOS offering their own market places for even more niche brands to make their name – but Selfridges has remained strong in face of such rivalry. Part of this is the unparalleled customer service that they are able to offer, and their phone number is a big aspect of this.

Reasons why people call the Selfridges contact number

Although they are unlikely to ever properly release statistics about the kind of phone calls that they receive, it is relatively easy to work out the kind of conversations that people are having with the contact agents who man Selfridges customer service helpline. These are broadly the same across all clothing retailers, and is normally to do with the nature of their business. these can range from Selfridges phone numberenquiries about opening times of local branches, through to demands for refunds and even complaints. Like any modern contact number, they have teams that are specifically trained to deal with each of these matters quickly and effectively. Normally, an enquiry can be answered immediately, or the member of staff who has answered the phone will be able to detail the further steps that will be taken in order to resolve an issue.

Selfridges have also joined the growing number of companies who are supplementing their consumer support through their web presence. This has been escalated somewhat by the likes of Boohoo and ASOS doing the majority of their customer service over social media, via live chat and over e-mail. As a strategy, this allows the company to reduce the amount of money that they spend on contact agents (with online FAQs, self-service and the like meaning that fewer things need to be actioned by employees) and pass those savings back on to customers. However, one of the core part of the company’s branding is their attention to their customers needs, which is why the Selfridges contact number is still such a vital part of their organisation.