Utilita contact number – 0843 903 3221

Utilita is an electricity and gas supplier that is 100 per cent focused on the specific prepayment sector of the market. The company has been working extremely hard putting in pay-as-you-go smart meters since 2003 and is very proud of the progress that it has made in this period. For information about this and any other electricity or energy query, the Utilita contact number that can be used, and a team of customer service experts will be pleased to help.

Throughout its existence, Utilita has always strived to keep its competitive edge in the smart energy market. It has been competing very successfully against the UK’s largest companies that have been given the nickname the ‘big six.’ The company has always strived to go-the-extra-mile in order to develop its prepayment service for its clients. A large part of the company’s success has been down to its friendly, efficient and hard working customer sales team. The Utilita contact number is an excellent way to find out more about what the company can offer in terms of highly economical energy agreements that can save clients a lot of money.

Contacting Utilita customer services

Utilita Aims to help alleviate fuel poverty and recognises the many shortcomings of the old pre-payment system. Since it was formed in 2003, the company entered one of the toughest British markets with an aim to make a significant difference to the way that energy is paid for by consumers. Still today, the company is improving its services continually, to ensure that it fulfils the needs of all of its many users.

Common reasons people call Utilita customer services

This system means no more energy bills, as customers can take full advantage of the smart energy tariff. Utilita doesn’t claim to be able to solve the problem of global warming, but it can help its users to take full advantage of the smart energy tariff. By contacting the Utilita contact number, it is possible to talk to a fully trained operative in the Extra Care Team. The team are fully committed and trained to guide callers through the minefield that is the British Energy Market. They offer advice on savings and can discuss how to make homes more power efficient to live in. The smart meter system provided by the company is a terrific method of saving energy which in turn will save money. Having a smart meter installed is easy, and once it is in, the homeowner can track the use of energy in real time and work out how much is being spent. Monthly, weekly or daily usage can be assessed, and in doing so, money will stay in the customers pocket where it belongs.